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Janet Clark Endowment

In general papers will be judged equally on writing and research.  For writing, essays must display excellent Standard English sentence and paragraph structures, persuasively state and develop a thesis, and consistently employ one of the recognized scholarly styles – such as APA – for citations, bibliography, headings, and punctuation.
For research, papers will be judged on such things as the cogency of the research question, the appropriateness of the research design, the thoroughness of its literature review, the logic of the paper’s arguments and inferences, and the depth of its conceptual insights.  Each paper will have an abstract of five hundred words or less placed after the title and before the body of the text.  Additional requirements regarding style may be added by the committee as necessary. One undergraduate and one graduate student will be awarded IF paper is accepted. Student must have been enrolled in classes during the previous year (must be sophomore, junior or senior), Undergraduates must have a declared major and be in good standing in either Political Science or Planning. Graduate students must be enrolled and in good standing in either the Masters in Public Administration or the Masters in Urban and Regional Planning programs.