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Kelley Christopher

Kelley Christopher


Phone: 678-839-4893 | Fax:

Email:  kchristo@westga.edu

Office: Pafford Social Science Building 225


Kelley Christopher is a Criminology Instructor in the Department of Sociology and Criminology. She graduated with an M.S. in Post Secondary Education and has been teaching Sociology and Criminology for five years. She is trained in conflict mediation and has mentored teenage mothers who are finishing high school. Her undergraduate degree is in Social Science from Southern Oregon University, she has an MPA, an M.A. in Sociology and an M.S. in Adult Education.


  • M.S., Post-Secondary Education, Troy University, 2008
  • M.A., Public Administration, Troy University, 2009
  • M.A., Sociology, New Mexico State University, 2012

Courses and Sections

  • Courses Taught
    • CRIM-2000 (Survey of Criminology)    
    • CRIM-2275 (Introduction to Corrections)    
    • CRIM-3240 (Criminological Theory)    
    • CRIM-3705 (Criminal Profiling)    
    • CRIM-4231 (Women & Criminal Justice)    
    • CRIM-4255 (Youth, Crime and Community)    
    • CRIM-4279 (Race and Crime)    
    • CRIM-4284 (Senior Capstone)    
    • SOCI-1101 (Introductory Sociology)