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Mark Kunkel

Mark Kunkel, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Co-director of Undergraduate Program

Phone: 678-839-0621 | Fax: 678-839-0611

Email:  mkunkel@westga.edu

Office: Melson Hall 210

Hours: MW: 3:30-5:30pm
T: 2:00-3:00pm
Or by Appointment


Dante was right - heaven and hell are about circles. The circling that brought me to West Georgia runs around a life-long appreciation for psychology as philosophy, science, social heuristic, and treatment modality, but mostly as a path through life. I lived and worked in Yucatan, Mexico (a second hearth), and worked in directing two doctoral programs in counseling psychology before coming to the-then State University of West Georgia on sabbatical in 1999. When I was invited the following year to give up tenure, take a pay cut, and commute 100 miles each way from Auburn, I jumped at the chance. And for the last years here I have enjoyed the kindest and wisest colleagues, and the most apt and adequate student classroom companions, that anyone could wish. I am a grateful guy.

In addition to my university work I practice (which is to say, never get �right�) psychology in psychotherapy and assessment, and enjoy these involvements as well. I enjoy music, dogs and cats, living in the country where I can pee outside and where I can see the stars, running and bicycling, fatherhood, and I savor the fierce, healing, and refining companionship of my wife Jeanette.

Courses and Sections

  • Courses Taught
    • PSYC-1101 (Intro to General Psychology)    
    • PSYC-2010 (Psychology as a Human Science)    
    • PSYC-4040 (Psychology of Dreams)    
    • PSYC-4085 (Mentorship in Intro Gen Psyc)    
    • PSYC-5040 (Psychology of Dreams)    
    • PSYC-5085 (Mentorship in Intro Gen Psyc)    
    • PSYC-6220 (The Counsel & Psychoth Process)    
    • PSYC-6280 (Theory/Pract Clinical Assessm)    
    • PSYC-6284 (Psychopathology and Health)    
    • PSYC-6899 (Thesis)    
    • PSYC-7810 (Tutorial: Co-enroll in 6287 02)    
    • PSYC-7810A (Psychology of Dreams)