Academic Counseling


Academic counseling addresses an individual's academic performance and the quality of their academic experience at the University of West Georgia. The primary focus of this service is to help each student reach his or her academic and career goals. Check out the improved resources section at the bottom of this page for help with common academic issues.

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What kind of issues can be addressed in individual academic counseling?

Students will, with the assistance of the counselor, identify those areas and skills in need of improvement. Some of the frequently addressed areas are:

  • Adjustment to the University of West Georgia
  • Learning styles
  • Memory techniques
  • Stress management
  • Study strategies
  • Test taking skills
  • Test anxiety
  • Time management
  • Writing research papers

For issues beyond the scope of the academic counseling, referrals can be made to other services, such as personal counseling and assessment for learning disabilities.

How long does individual academic counseling take?

Individual academic counseling may consist of a single session or may consist of multiple meetings over a number of weeks. When the student feels he/she has gained the needed skills, he/she can stop individual academic counseling.

Resources: Following are work books that provide information and strategies for students struggling with academic issues.

Making the Grade

Active Reading

Testing Tips

Test Anxiety

Managing Time