Accessibility Services


Accessibility Services Mission

The Office of Accessibility Services at the University of West Georgia is committed to providing access to campus resources and opportunities to allow students with disabilities to obtain a quality educational experience at UWG.


A student meets with an Accessibility Counselor in an office, in front of desk and computer.

Who Qualifies

Students with a documented disability may work with the Office of Accessibility Services to receive essential services specific to their disability.  Disabilities may be temporary or permanent and are categorized into three areas; physical, psychological and learning disorders.





• Visual impairment 

• Hearing impairment

• Mobility limitation

• Chronic illness

• Handwriting limitation

• Speech impairment


• Depression

• Mood disorders

• Obsessive compulsive disorder

• Anxiety disorders

• Psychotic disorders



• Learning disability

• Acquired brain injury

• Attention deficit disorder


Steps to Apply

1. Download the appropriate form depending on your disability for documentation guidelines.

Link to ADD-ADHD Document

Link to Learning Disorder and Acquired Brain Injury Document

Link to Psychological Document

Link to Physcial and / or Medical Document

Link to Hearing Impairment Document

Link to Injured Student Athlete Document

Link to Transient Status Students Document

2. Make sure your forms are completed and filled out according to the documentation guidelines. Your forms must be signed by your Doctor. Forms not signed by your Doctor will not be accepted.

3. Submit your completed required documentation as soon as possible via Fax (678-839-6429), e-mail at, or in person to the Counseling Center offices in 123 Row Hall.

4. Make an appointment with an Accessibility Services Counselor to review your documentation.  Services and accommodations will be determined in this appointment.  Make sure to bring back-up copies of all your documentation with you to your appointment.



Receiving Services

After you have completed the Documentation Process and made an Appointment with an Accessibility Services Counselor, here is what will happen:

  1. During your appointment, the Accessibility Services Counselor will review your documentation and prepare your Student Accommodations Report (SAR).  The Accessibility Services Counselor will also familiarize you with the protocols and resources available. 
  2. Request your SAR at the beginning of each semester. (Click here for directions)
  3. Email your SAR to your professors (in any class that you wish to receive accommodations) and discuss it with them.
  4. Be your own advocate.  You will arrange your own accommodations, per test, per assignment for each class.

*Accessibility Services Counselors are here when you need them.

All entitlements to accommodations are based on documentation and University System of Georgia's Board of Regents Standards.


Possible Accommodations and Services may include:


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