Information for Faculty & Staff


The Counseling Center staff is available to work with faculty and staff of UWG in three main ways.


We provide outreach presentations at any time convenient for you, and on topics of concern for students, faculty, staff, and student leaders. To request a program go to this form.  If you have questions email



We are available to consult with faculty and staff, campus groups and organizations, administrative offices, or others who may be concerned about issues affecting the personal and academic well being of students. We can assist with student crises, help to assess a difficult situation, facilitate interventions, identify resources, and make referrals where appropriate.

If you have questions or concerns, please give us a call at (678) 839-6428 or e-mail us at


In your capacity as a UWG faculty or staff member, students may come to you for advice or assistance with personal concerns. There will be times when you believe it is appropriate to recommend that the student seek services at the Counseling Center. To make a referral please ask the student to call and make a counseling appointment. Allow the student to use your phone or walk him or her over to Row Hall.

What Happens for a Student at the Counseling Center?

Students should make appointments themselves when possible. If you are meeting with the student, you may help him or her with this process by offering the use of your telephone.

During the first visit to the Counseling Center, the student will complete a brief evaluation before meeting with a counselor. This often takes about 10-15 minutes. From that counselors determine when the student will be seen for an intake appointment. (If the student is in crisis, he or she will be seen right away.)

In meeting with the counselor, the student will have the opportunity to talk about issues that are of concern to him or her. The counselor will assess the needs of the student, and present ways that the Counseling Center and other student services may be able to help meet these needs. Services at the Counseling Center are provided free of charge and all information is confidential.

If it appears that the student is in crisis and needs to be accompanied to the Counseling Center, you may consider accompanying the student yourself.

Our offices are open 8:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday. We have an on-call counselor available at all times.

If the student arrives at the Counseling Center in crisis the receptionist will arrange for the student to meet the on-call counselor as soon as possible. If you have a crisis with a student after business hours, you may contact University Police 96000, and they will page the on-call counselor.

More extensive crisis information and resources are available at UWGCares.

Information on mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, substance use, and suicide are available at Prevent UWG.