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Random Acts of Kindness@UWG

The week of February 11-17, 2013, is international Random Acts of Kindness Week (RAK Week) -a week created by The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation


In recognition of RAK Week across the world, Counseling & Career Development is holding Random Acts of Kindness Day@UWG (RAK Day@UWG) on Thursday, February 14, 2013. On this day, UWG students, faculty and staff recognize and honor individuals who have shown acts of kindness.



Check out their stories below by reading the RAK Story Corner:


Story of Ian Haynes
"Recently, while Ian Haynes was walking to work at Publications and Printing on campus, he saw a professor take a bad fall on the steps of the Humanities building. The professor suffered a serious compound fracture to her ankle, so Ian called an ambulance and stayed with her until the paramedics arrived.

-Sally Roberts, Director, Publications & Printing-


Anonymous Story
I don't know who this person is. Doesn't that make his or her act all the more kind? It happened the last day of winter semester classes. I was already to go on my big London trip to check out grad schools. I converted my money to pounds, saved several thousand dollars up...I even bought new shoes! I came home from my last class, looking for my debit card. I tore my apartment up looking for it. I imagined some shadowy person stealing it while I wasn't looking, frittering away all of my savings. I scoured the campus to look in all the usual places-- the gym? Pafford bathroom? Wolves Den? I walked around with my iPhone in hand, monitoring my bank account like a mother bear protecting her cub. Bank of America was speed dial, and ready to freeze my card and delay my trip to London if I saw any false charges.
Then my friend suggested I go to the library and ask the counter people if they had it. I hadn't gone to the library, but I went to ask anyway. The librarian said some random person found my debit card on the ground outside (whaa??) and turned it into the lost and found. I am so freaking grateful. THANK YOU, PERSON. Sorry if this story is too long. I just wanted to tell someone about the awesome, honest, person that returned a stranger's debit card to the library, thereby saving my winter trip to Foggy Londontown.  

-Molly Anderson, UWG Student-


National Stories of Random Acts of Kindness





RAK Video Feature - "Paradigm Shift".
This powerful video shows the meaning of the famous quote by Plato: "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.