Welcome to Campus Planning & Facilities!

Who we are...

CP&F is dedicated to enhancing the campus grounds, facilities, and environment. Already considered as proactive in its approach to continuous improvement, CP&F employs such instruments as organizational assessments, technology upgrades, customer/market feedback, employee morale/development, performance metrics, and benchmarking opportunities to help monitor its performance and gauge its future development. As we look forward to our future expansion as a campus and institution, we remain cognizant of the challenges in resources, energy, service expectations, environment, and competition. Performance measurement data, facility reinvestment, customer service, safety, and energy resources remain the drivers for our sustainability and continued success.

Our Mission:

Campus Planning and Facilities (CP&F) is committed to planning, operating, protecting, and sustaining a campus that is befitting a Destination University.

CP&F Interim Organizational Chart

Campus Planning and Facilities includes four departments.  

  • CP&F Administration
  • Facilities and Grounds
  • Planning & Construction Services
  • Risk Management / Environmental Health and Safety