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Business Support

Core Business Process Sub-Process  Mapped Sub-Process  SOP  Date Completed 
Work Information Center  Asset Works Facility Focus Revision  N/A  <</A>  1/15/09 
  Contracts and Contractors Module    <</A>  4/15/09 
  Work Management Module  <</A> <</A>  7/1/05 
  Purchasing Module  <</A>  <</A>  3/11/09 
  Human Resources Module    <</A>  4/15/09 
  Inventory & Equipment Module     
  Property Management Module     
  Refrigerant Recovery  <</A>  <</A>  3/30/09 
  System Administration Module       
  Shadow Budget    <</A>  4/15/09 
  Petty Cash       
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