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AED Program

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Program

    According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is a significant health issue affecting nearly 8 percent of all Americans and resulting in nearly 350,000 deaths each year.  While several electrical abnormalities can result in sudden cardiac arrest, the majority begin with ventricular fibrillation.  Rapid treatment of ventricular fibrillation, through the application of a controlled electrical shock, is essential for survival.  AEDs provided this controlled electrical shock. 

    The University's AED Program is managed by the Risk Management / Environmental Safety and Health (RM/EHS) Office with oversight from Health Services.  It is designed to meet ACOEM’s Guidelines for the AED Use in Workplace Setting and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Guidelines for Public Access Defibrillation Programs in Federal Facilities.  The program also satisfies State of Georgia recommendations pertaining to the acquisition and use of an AED. 

    For further information regarding the program, you can review our AED Program Document, or you can always contact RM/EHS directly.   

AED Locations:

AED locations are listed below.  CLICK HERE for a CAMPUS MAP w/AED LOCATIONS

 Building or Department                                         Location                             Floor Plan Available
 Adamson Hall  1st Floor, near the main reception desk                  Yes
 Alumni House  Kitchen, next to the back door                  Yes
 Campus Center  2nd Floor, west side of walking track                  Yes
 Campus Center  3rd Floor, west side of walking track                  Yes
 Coliseum  Hallway near room 2122                  Yes
 Education Annex  1st Floor, near the exit by the elevator                  Yes
 Education Center  1st Floor, near the exit by the elevator                  Yes
 Facilities Compound       On the back dock behind the maintenance shops                  n/a
 Health Services  Emergency room 6                  n/a
 Ingram Library   1st Floor, near the circulation desk                  Yes
 Ingram Library   3rd Floor, next to the male bathroom / near the elevator                  Yes
 Parking and Transportation All Buses                   n/a
 Richards College of Business  2nd Floor, next to the elevator                  Yes
 Row Hall  Center Lobby on the 1st Floor    Yes
 Stadium  2nd Floor football stadium press box                  n/a
 Stadium  3rd Floor football stadium press box                  n/a
 Stadium  Home team concourse / outside the First Aid Station                  n/a
 Stadium  Visiting team concourse, inside concession stand                  n/a
University Police  Marked police vehicle  X  4                  n/a