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    The Georgia Right-To-Know Law requires each employee (faculty, staff, student workers, full time employees, part time employees and/or temporary employees) to be provided with information and training on the hazardous chemicals that they may be exposed to as part of their job. To comply, RM/EHS has developed an RTK program outlining the law requirements as it applies to the UWG community. This program requires all new employees to take RTK training within the first 6 months of employment and annually thereafter.

    To facilitate this requirement, the BOR has an online Basic Awareness Training module. A Chemical Specific Training is also available for those individuals who would like to supplement the basic course. On request, RM/EHS can also provide customized training to meet a department’s specific needs. 

RTK Training List

Updated through September 9, 2013
Contact the RTK Coordinator at ineke@westga.edu.

    The cornerstone of any RTK program is a complete inventory of MSDS for all the chemicals a department might use.  A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document that provides a wealth of information about a chemical product, whether it is in solid, liquid or in a gaseous form. To learn more about MSDS, and for helpful MSDS search engines, we have provided more information and links here.