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Building Manager Program


The purpose of the Building Manager Program is to facilitate communications between building occupants and appropriate campus support units such as University Police, Risk Management/Environmental Health and Safety (RM/EHS), and Facilities & Grounds.  In addition, this program provides a forum for discussion and resolution of occupancy problems. The program also strives to educate building users with regard to building systems and operations, and responsible stewardship of campus facilities.

The building manager program is managed by the Risk Management/Environmental Health & Safety Office. 

The Building Manager

Each building on campus has a designated building manager. The building manager will either be the senior-ranking individual or his/her designee. The building manager will be the authority on building-related policies and issues such as smoking, security, emergency procedures, etc. The manager will receive input from departments when developing new policies specific to their building concerning issues such as; designated outside smoking areas, security, emergency procedures, etc.

In the event you need to contact all Building Managers, please use the following email address: 

The Building Manager List