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01/31/2006 Minutes

Notes – 1/31/06 Meeting

The UWG Safety Committee convened on Tuesday, January 31, 2006 at 9:15 AM.  In attendance were Theresa Jablecki-Kriel, Ineke Reed, Chris Geiger, Matt Jordan, Billy Harper, Gerald Kielborn, and David Manuel.  Charlie Marlar attended shortly after the meeting began.

  1. Introductions.  Matt introduced Ineke Reed, a new member of the RM/EHS team, who will be responsible for occupational health and safety, indoor air quality, and chemical hygiene; and who will serve as UWG’s right-to-know coordinator.
  2. Injuries.  Matt announced that Public Safety’s record of recordable injuries has remained steady for the past three years, while Facilities has gone down and the rest of the campus has gone up.  He said he would have more data at the next meeting.
  3. Vehicle Accidents.  Matt announced that there has been a significant increase in UWG (leased and owned) vehicle accidents over the past two years.  He offered that the increase may be affected by an increase student population and increase in reporting.  65% of vehicle accidents are at-fault.  Matt pointed to the graphs, which showed the respective departments’ accidents.
  4. Safety & Loss Control Manual.  Matt emphasized that it was the Safety Committee’s responsibility to update the manual on a continual basis; and that RM/EHS was relying on the expertise of everyone in their individual fields to contribute pertinent information, as well as grammatical errors.  Matt said that the best practice would be to put all safety and loss control information, procedures, and policies in the manual to have one single source.
  5. Workers’ Compensation.  Matt mentioned that the State of Georgia is moving to a managed care organization (MCO), which may affect how we respond to injuries.  It was more of a risk management issue, but he wanted the Safety Committee to be the first to know.
  6. Building Manager/Coordinator.  Matt mentioned that he is still assembling contact information from the various participants in the program, but he should have an initial draft at the next meeting.  He restated that the building manager would be responsible for decisions regarding the building, such as safety and security; and the coordinator would be responsible for disseminating information.  There was a brief discussion on areas of responsibilities relating to Foundation property.
  7. Matt offered his “Top 5 Safety Concerns”, which are:
    1. Fires in residence halls
    2. Graduation occupancy and egress
    3. Recyclables handling
    4. Custodial Ergonomics
    5. Fire safety in administrative & academic buildings
  8. Matt offered his “Top 5 Risk Management issues”, which are:
    1. Vehicle liability
    2. HPE events
    3. Supernight & University Club
    4. Non-University property and events
    5. Building inspections

There was a brief discussion on how RM/EHS was improving the communication and attention brought to these issues.  Theresa offered that we are developing and soliciting ideas to ensure that safety is maintained and that liability risk is at a minimum.

Matt announced that the next meeting would be in two months.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 AM.