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Planning & Construction Services

The mission of Planning & Construction Services is to provide architectural, engineering, and project management services to our Campus Community in a professional, efficient and effective manner. Our staff is trained to provide quality work with customer satisfaction as our goal.

Services provided include;

 PCS Project Services : 678-839-6371

PCS Project Services Staff Directory:


 Title    email   number

 Carlos Ruiz

 AEC Director

cruiz@westga.edu  678-839-5599

 Elsa Pena

 Campus Architect  epena@westga.edu  678-839-6578

 Christi Inglis

 Staff Architect      cinglis@westga.edu  678-839-6373

 Michael C. Conley

 Architect/Sr. Project Manager



 Allen McManus

 Construction Project Manager  amcmanus@westga.edu  678-839-6374
 Laura Kowalski  Planning Analyst  lkowalsk@westga.edu  678-839-5263

 Seth Lambert

 Project Superintendent  slambert@westga.edu  678-839-5299

 Jesus Gonzalez

 Facilities Analyst  jgonzole@westga.edu  678-839-6372
 Sheree Srader  Procurement Contract Manager  ssrader@westga.edu  678-839-4934

 Amanda Skinner

Procurement Agent                    .  askinner@westga.edu  678-839-6304

 Amy Hollingsworth

 Departmental Assistant  aholling@westga.edu  678-839-6371