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Work Information Center

  The Work Information Center (WIC) is responsible for receiving and entering requests for work in a computerized maintenance management system and forwarding this information to  appropriate shops. WIC acts as the sole liaison between the Campus Planning and Facilities department and the campus community. WIC also maintains radio communications between departments and field crews.

Requesting repairs or any other work - You may submit a request online by selecting Service Request , or you may email your request.  After the work information center has processed your request they will email you a Work Request Number. Please save this request number and use it to get immediate feedback regarding the status of your work by calling (Phone 96311, Fax 96441) or emailing WIC.  Please be sure to put your Work Request Number on the subject line of the email.

**Please note that our normal hours of operation are 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.  If you should have an immediate need outside these hours, please contact the University Police at 678-839-6000. Email and non-immediate request will be addressed addressed upon our return.


Michelle Ertzberger
WIC Supervisor

Dee Martin
WIC Specialist

Kyrk Walker
WIC Specialist

Sandra Robinson
WIC Specialist