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The Maintenance Department provides for safe, efficient repairs and preventive maintenance of all mechanical systems, as well as, general electrical and plumbing repairs and provides electrical service for major projects and campus-sponsored events. They successfully complete their mission by dividing their work into three areas:


Electrical/Special Events and Projects personnel provide electrical service/new installations for major projects and campus-sponsored events and perform the following duties as needed:

-      fire alarm service

-      1st responder to elevator operation failure.

-      Address card access problems

-      generator and boiler chemical treatment

-      street light repair

-      provide support to general maintenance shop and HVACR shop


The Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) department maintains the heating and cooling equipment which is installed in all buildings on campus. Examples of services performed are as follows:

-      Replace air conditioning filters.

-      perform preventive maintenance on HVAC&R related equipment

-      control air distribution, temperature analysis and balancing

-      repair equipment integral to building operating system (chillers, boilers, pumps, and piping).

-      repair air handling equipment, fans, ductwork, and diffusers.

-      maintain building automation systems.

-      repair and replace kitchen equipment.

-      repair and maintenance of campus plumbing distribution systems.

-      repair and maintenance of Natural gas distribution systems.


General Maintenance

This group covers a large area of responsibilities which include (but are not limited to) the following

-      light plumbing

-      small electrical repairs

-      all types of floor tile repairs

-      small carpentry jobs

-      hanging pictures and blinds

-      pest control

-      install glass

-      unstop drain

-      change filters in residence halls, repair and replace small heat and a/c units, repair exhaust fans

-      and assist other trades that work in their buildings.

This shop also employs a regular evening shift to take emergency calls from 4pm till 12 midnight Sunday thru Thursday.

Requesting Maintenance Services - Please use the Service Request button on the navigation bar to the left.