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Moves & Setups


Once a moving date has been established, please submit a request online by selecting Work request under “quick picks” on the Campus planning & Facilities home page, you may email your request to wic@westga.edu or you may call the wic at 678-839-6311. After the work information center has processed your request they will email a work request number. Please place a work request at least 1 week in advance. After we have received your work request, we will contact your department to coordinate the move. In this coordination we will determine the needs of Facilities Maintenance, Computer and Telecommunications. We will also provide you with any floor plans of the building(s) needed, and if necessary, boxes for packing. We will also notify all parties that maybe affected by your move.

Some helpful suggestions:

-      Begin planning what is being moved and its placement in the new area. (We will supply a floor plan)

-      Establish an order of move, keeping in mind the need to have someone to answer the telephone. (We suggest someone at both locations for a time).

-      Firm up your area’s plans: 1) the order of individuals to be moved, 2) client and phone coverage, and 3) verify that everyone will be packed on time


What to Pack and How:

-      All bookcases and shelves and vertical file cabinets need to be empty. All supply cabinets need to be empty, as they will invariably be tilted. Also, please mark boxes with office supplies plainly to ensure proper handling. In general, the material in the desks should be packed. Usually vertical file can be moved without the need to unpack them; however, if a narrow stairwell is involved on either end of the move it will be necessary to pack them also. To prevent unnecessary worry, any personal and/or fragile or sensitive items are best packed and moved by the individual.

-      If at all possible the contents of the boxes should not exceed the top. Since it is necessary to stack the boxes, anything protruding from the box is in danger of being harmed.

Consideration should be given to the weight of any one box. Computer boxes are wonderfully sturdy but a computer box full of books can weight several hundred pounds. All boxes should be marked with the location that they are being moved to. This is best done on the top with a black marker. If it is necessary to mark them on the sides please mark them on at least two (2) sides. Also, to help you in unpacking, any information to help you locate specific boxes should be marked on the box, i.e.: File Cab. #3, Contracts, G-M. We recommend that personnel accompany the move of their office.

- To reduce the time you are without a work area, it’s a good idea to leave enough material unpacked to enable you to continue working until it is time to actually move. Hopefully no one person in your area will be without a work area for more than an hour or so. In order to get going in your new area as soon as possible these last minute items should be packed in a well-marked box or perhaps hand carried by yourself to your new location.


Set Ups

We do set ups for all university-sponsored events. You need to contact WIC at least 72 hours prior to the time you need the set up. You will be asked about the location of the event, the size of the gathering, the length of the event, and the specific times you need everything to be ready and for everything to be removed. You will also be asked about your rain plans, in case your event takes place outdoors. We will provide tables, chairs, tents, and plants for your events.