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Reserving University Vehicles

  Helpful Tips for Reserving University Vehicles


What activities are approved for use of a University vehicle?

Transporting employees and students for official University business and activities


Can students drive the University vehicles?  No


How do I become an authorized driver?

To become an authorized driver, you must fill out a Driver’s Authorization Form, which can be obtained from the Department of Public Safety or online here.  This form should be submitted to the Department of Public Safety.  Fifteen-passenger van operators must complete the University sponsored drivers safety course through the Department of Public Safety.


What is the process to reserve a University vehicle?

After becoming an authorized driver, you must complete a Vehicle Request and Trip Ticket Form, which can be obtained from the Department of Facilities & Grounds.  You must then get the department approver signature and forward the request to the Department of Facilities & Grounds.


Will I receive confirmation after completing and submitting the Vehicle Request and Trip Ticket?

You will receive confirmation via email if your request is not available.  You may call or email to ensure that your request has been received and properly reserved.


Can I make a request via email or telephone?

Only availability is given via email or telephone.  Even in extreme circumstances, a Vehicle Request and Trip Ticket must be walked through to the appropriate offices for approval signatures and hand delivered to the Department of Facilities & Grounds.


What vehicles are offered?

4 four-passenger cars and 5 eight-passenger vans. The fifteen-passenger van is no longer available. 


What is the charge for using a University vehicle?

The rental fee for a four-passenger vehicle is $14.20*.  The cost per mile is $.31.

The rental fee for an eight-passenger vehicle is $14.20*.  The cost per mile is $.35.

* The minimum rental rate is one (1) day commencing from the time the vehicle is scheduled to go out.  When returned, a 30 minute grace period will be granted from the time the vehicle was rented.   A late return of more than 1 hour and 30 minutes will result in charge of another day.

·        Where do I pick up the University vehicle? 

You must go through the locked gate at the Department of Facilities & Grounds.  Vehicles are located at the back area of the compound.


Where can I leave my personal vehicle while taking a University vehicle?

You may leave your personal vehicle in the parking lot or locked gated area at the Department of Facilities & Grounds.


How do I pick up or return the vehicle outside of normal business hours?

A red telephone is located on the side of the Maintenance building to your right at the locked gate.  You may call the Department of Public Safety at 678-839-6000 to unlock the gate.


How do I handle purchasing gasoline for extended trips?

A Wright Express state credit card will be included in your manila envelope if the trip is for an extended amount of time.  Only purchase regular unleaded fuel.


Is there a fee for cancellation?

A minimal fee of $25.00 will be charged to those who do not give a 24-hour notice prior to cancellation.


Are there any other fees?

Vehicles, which are returned excessively dirty, will result in a clean-up fee of $25.00.


What happens if I am involved in an accident in a University vehicle?

Follow the directions on the manila envelope located on the dash of the vehicle.


Are there any alternatives if a vehicle is not available?

You will be notified via email if a vehicle for the day you requested is cancelled.  Otherwise, you may contact Enterprise Rent-A-Car at 770-832-1330.  You may view Enterprise’s statewide contract here for more information on insurance and pricing.


What is the University Vehicle & Operation Policy?

You may request a copy of this policy from the Department of Public Safety.


For more information, please call our office Monday through Friday  between the hours of 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.@ 678-839-6576.   For a detailed brochure on the renting of a vehicle, please click here.