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USG Peer Review

At the conclusion of the Facilities Officers Conference in October 2007, a forum was conducted on the development of a Facilities Peer Review within the University System of Georgia (USG) for the purpose of evaluating facilities operations and maintenance (O&M) practices at each institution, and helping to set realistic goals for improvement.

A working group of USG facilities professionals evaluated existing, time-tested programs such as the APPA Management Evaluation Program in developing criteria that addresses the need to define and standardize O&M core data elements across the USG, to develop and communicate a common set of performance metrics for facilities O&M, and to set practical institutional targets for continuous improvement.

The peer review for the University of West Georgia was conducted from February 25 - 27, 2008.  The following documentation was prepared to provide quick access for the team members that were assigned to perform the assessment.

Preliminary Site Visit Documentation


Site Visit Documentation