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Indoor Air Quality

The University of West Georgia recognizes the impact that indoor air quality has in the workplace and in your residence.  In an effort to provide the community with optimum Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), an IAQ Management Plan has been put in place.  This plan, which applies to all buildings owned or leased by UWG, strives to maintain indoor air quality standards that protect the health of faculty, staff and students. The program's focus is to:

• Prevent illness, injury, and adverse health symptoms associated with poor indoor air quality
• Respond to indoor air quality complaints effectively and to make recommendations for improvement
• Maintain indoor air quality within acceptable levels according to consensus guidelines
• Provide recommendations on IAQ issues to be considered in new building design.       

IAQ Help Desk

To help answer some common IAQ questions the following information papers are provided. 

• Indoor Air Quality and Mold: An Overview

• Preventing Mold in the Workplace - OSHA Recommendations
• Portable Air Cleaning Systems
• Ozone and Indoor Air Quality
• UWG Smoking Policy
• Better Habits for Better Health

IAQ Request

Room Temperatures

Temperatures will be set at  set at 68°F in the winter and 78°F in the summer in accordance with UWG's Energey Policy. If readings are either above or below these guidelines and you have concerns about room comfort place a work order through the WIC.   

All Other Requests

If you still have questions or concerns regarding your IAQ please e-mail RM/EHS a request.  Our policy is to response to all IAQ requests within 24 hours, if however you feel your situation constitutes a quicker response please call us directly at 678-839-6277.