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"Report My Driving" FQA

What is the “Report My Driving” Program? Do we have to participate?

This program is about identifying those individuals who may need some additional driver’s training BEFORE an accident occurs.  The program uses a “Report My Driving” sticker on each state vehicle.  The sticker displays both the vehicle’s unique identification number and the complaint hotline number. The hotline number is used if there is a concern related to the driver’s performance.  

Yes, we do have to participate. It is mandated by the State of Georgia Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) as one part of the Comprehensive Loss and Control Program (CLCP). The Board of Regents agreed to this program on behalf of all its institutions. Non-compliance in any element of the CLCP may result in an across-the-board insurance rate hike.

Who receives the initial call? Who receives the complaint at the University?

Driver’s Alert, an independent company who manages the program, receives the initial call. They will draft a report and forward it to the office of Risk Management/Environmental Health & Safety (RM/EHS).

What information is provided to the University?

RM/EHS receives a summary of the complaint call, a voice recording of the complaint, and recommended training. 

What does RM/EHS do with the information?

We review the complaint and determine a response.  Typically, we will contact the driver and assign training.

What training is this?

The training is an on-line module that is offered through the Driver’s Alert website.  The driver will get an email from CustomerService@driversalert.com with the subject line “Driver Alert Online Training Assignment.”  The email has a link to the training, instructions on how to use the program, and a user ID and password.  The modules range from 12 minutes to 1 hour in length.  They can be accessed from any computer with internet access, but only with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Do I have to print out the certificate?

Only if your supervisor requests it.  RM/EHS will be able to verify through our portal that you’ve completed the training.

What if I don’t complete the training?

This will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but typically, it will be sent to your supervisor for resolution.

What if I disagree with the report?

Despite the initial screen and control measures in place (callers are required to submit their name and contact number), there is a possibility that:
1. A very good driver may be identified for a simple mistake,
2. There may be a good reason why the driver behaved as he/she did,
3. The call could be  a prank, or the caller could be wrong,
4. The driver could flatly deny that he/she did anything wrong,
5. The driver could be unaware that he/she did something wrong.

Because of these variables, everyone will be treated the same; and the driver should conduct the on-line training module.  It is not a punishment; and there is no need to appeal.  “Report My Driving” is a risk-identification tool that has a training benefit attached to it.  Employees will receive credit for the module(s) they complete.

Can I assign training to myself/my employees?

Yes, send an email to safety@westga.edu.

Are there safe driving tips I can review to help ensure no one will have a reason to call me in?

Yes, DOAS has provided Motor Vehicle use Program Driver Safety Tips