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Our Faculty & Staff

Center Directors:  Dr. Ann McCleary and Dr. Keith Hebert

One of the primary goals of the Center is to provide an opportunity for faculty-student research projects. Each semester, graduate students, working as Graduate Research Assistants, coordinate research projects, with help from undergraduate research assistants and interns. Students receive hands-on experience by directing projects and conducting primary research.

The Center invites any students--graduate or undergraduate--to consider an internship at the Center. Please contact either Dr. McCleary or Dr. Hebert for current internship opportunities.

Fall 2012 Staff

  Dusty Dye is the Assistant Director of the Center for Public History. She is  also serving as the Co-Director of the West Georgia  Textile Heritage Trail.  She and graduate student Susan Frohlich  have completed a business plan and  will be working on a creating a membership package, a new brochure and an  updated website for the Trail.

 Sara Berry is an alumnus of the Public History program at the University of  West Georgia. She is working to help create the Griffin Welcome Center  Exhibit. As a researcher, she is accessing the collection and creating collection  policies, procedures and forms.


 Lou Brackett is a graduate student in the Public History program. She is  working with Sara Berry to create an exhibit at the Griffin Welcome Center. As  a researcher, she is assessing the collection and creating collection policies,  procedures and forms

 Graduate student Jeff Bishop is the Project Curator for the Georgia Trail of  Tears Project. Jeff will be creating a brochure for the Trail of Tears National  Historic Trail in Georgia. He will also be working with members of the Cave  Spring Historical Society and the Cherokee Nation to research and write    historically accurate text for an outdoor wayside exhibit to be installed in Cave  Spring.


Donna Butler is a graduate student working with Dr. Ann McCleary to co-author the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site Administrative History. She is researching and writing!


 Graduate student April Carlson is Manager of the Southeastern Textile and  Quilt Museum in Carrollton. She has been hard at work preparing for the  Museum’s grand opening on September 15, 2012. April will also work on  creating a business plan and manuals for the Museum.


 Kaitlin Costley is an undergraduate intern working on the Georgia Governor’s  Mansion Directed Readings Project. She is working to research and create an  inventory of the objects inside the Governor’s Mansion.

 Graduate student Sarah Foreman will continue her work as the Curator of the  “New Harmonies” Exhibit. This semester she, along with Dr. Ann McCleary,  will visit the remaining “New Harmonies” communities of Waycross, Nashville,  Thomson and LaGrange, to provide assistance in the installation of the Exhibit.

 Graduate student Susan Frohlich is the Co-Director of the West Georgia  Textile Heritage Trail. She is working with Co-Director Dusty Dye, to create a  business plan, a membership plan and to produce and print a new brochure for  the Trail.

Lacey Head is an undergraduate intern working on the Center’s music projects. She will be helping Sarah Foreman with the “New Harmonies” project, Jennifer Reid with the Regional Music Project and Jared Wright with the On-Line Exhibits on Georgia’s Sacred music.

 Public History Alumnus Carla Ledgerwood is the Curator for the Goldworth    Farm Park in Villa Rica, Georgia. The 1891 farmhouse is listed on the National  Register of Historic Places and the farm is the site of a Civilian Conservation  Corps (CCC) Camp from the New Deal. This semester the focus is to obtain  non-profit status for the Farm and move forward with opening to the public.


 Wayne McCleary is working for the Center for Public History as an undergraduate  intern. He is working on further developing the West Georgia Textile Heritage  Trail’s website.

 Kamil McElwee is an undergraduate intern who will be working this semester  in the Center for Public History. She will be helping with the West Georgia  Textile Heritage Trail Project.

 Graduate student Vallarie Pratt is the Project Coordinator for the Georgia  Governor’s Mansion Project. The Project is a multi-year project and Val is  beginning the research and documentation process this semester by conducting  oral histories with the former staff and first families. The project will consist of  the creation of a coffee table book on the history of the Georgia Governor’s  Mansion and developing a traveling exhibit with Museums on Main Street on  Hometown Sports.

 Graduate Student Jennifer Reid is the Manager and Archivist for the Center for  Public History. She is also the Curator of the Regional Music Project and is  working this semester to promote the five CDs created by the Center.

 Maria Ross is an undergraduate intern working in the Center this semester. She  will be working on the Governor’s Mansion Project. She is researching  newspaper articles and will be visiting the Georgia Archives to do further  research, mostly focusing on First Family biographies and the chronology of  the Governor’s Mansion.

 Graduate student Jennifer Teeter will be creating the design package for the  Griffin Exhibit and creating a video(s) for the National Park Service Regional  Office’s Department of Environmental Services.

 Samantha Vyrostek is a graduate student working as the Georgia History Day  Assistant with Dr. Colleen Vasconcellos, the Georgia History Day Coordinator.  Samantha will be coordinating with school systems in Georgia in order to  promote and implement Georgia History Day.


 Graduate Student Jared Wright is the On-Line Exhibits Curator for the  Regional Music Project. He is working this semester to research, identify, select  and digitize exhibit materials in order to create an on-line exhibit featuring  Georgia’s sacred music. He will also help to build a database of Georgia’s  musicians, in association with the Georgia Department of Economic  Development.