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Oral history workshop, fall 2004

The Center is organizing an oral history workshop in concert with its new Veterans History Project. For more information, contact Katie Reed.

Regional Music School Programs

The Center will again offer school programs focusing on regional music traditions for 8th grade classes during the 2004-5 year. Center staff will invite traditional musicians to come and share their stories about music and what it has meant in their lives. To schedule a program, please contact Ann McCleary.

Traveling exhibit

"Biscuits and Cornbread: Baking Traditions in the Georgia Piedmont." Sponsored by the Georgia Humanities Council, this twelve-panel traveling exhibit is available to tour in venues throughout the West Georgia region by January 1, 2004. Past venues include the Carrollton Junior High, Jonesville Middle School, Neva Lomason Library, Coweta-East Newnan Public Library, Carrollton Senior Center, and the Warren Sewell Public Library in Bremen. If you want to reserve this exhibit for your venue, please contact Dr. Ann McCleary or more information. To learn more about the Southern Baking project, click here.

photo  photo

Photographs from the exhibit opening at the Neva Lomason Library, Carrollton, Georgia, March 2004.

Public Concert--"Alton Stitcher and Friends

An Evening of Old-Time Music" at the Townsend Center, University of West Georgia campus, January 31, 2004. If you missed the concert, check out the pictures!

School programs featuring regional music in Carrollton and Caroll County Middle Schools, spring 2004

At Jonesville Middle School, Mt. Zion Middle School, and Temple Middle School.


Tours of historic Pinson Street, Newnan, Georgia, February 21, 2004

Graduate student Jessica Hendrickson Ruckheim helped Cynthia Rosers of the African American Alliance in Newnan to organize a tour of homes in this historic neighborhood. Jessica conducted research and helped organize the tours as part of her graduate thesis project. the event was funded by the Georgia Humanities Council.


Voices Across Time project, spring 2004

Dr. Rebecca Bailey and graduate students John Wall, Matt Ellis, Sarah Finney and Walter Todd conducted another series of interview projects with students from the juvenile justice courts in Carroll and Haralson Counties, in which the students conducted tape-recorded interviews with veterans. For more information on this project, contact Dr. Rebecca Bailey

New Banning Mill website, spring 2004

Teresa Beyer, the graduate research assistant for the Banning Mill project, is developing a new website to highlight the rich history of Banning Mill for her thesis project. The website will be updated through April 2004. To visit click here.