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"The grocery stores are a lot faster an' a lot easier."


"Oh, I buy frozen biscuits now...an' they taste just about as good as teh homemade ones...You know canned biscuits, that's the way of doin' it now."



Southerners still enjoy their biscuits, pies, and cakes, but many no longer make them from "scratch." With busier lifestyles, families often choose to purchase baked goods from the grocery or bakery. People also buy mixed and frozen breads such as biscuits that they can easily prepare at home.


Still, regional baking traditions remain important. Local restaurants which specialize in "home cooking" feature biscuits and cornbread with each meal, as well as an array of regional desserts. Groceries also carry the same types of pies and cakes that cooks have prepared for generations. It is debatable whether or not those baked goods can replace old family favorites.


"They have such good items at the bakeries [and] the large grocery stores. You can just run in for a few minutes and get something. I put it on a nice cake plate, then it look real good."


Even today, some restaurants feature "home cooking" or "country cooking" including biscuits and cornbread.


Those who still prepare their specialty cakes, pies, and other desserts do so with less frequency than in the past. These days, people tend to make special baked goods for birthdays, holidays, family reunions, chuch functions that include "Dinner on the Grounds" or as an expression of sympathy at the loss of a loved one.


"Because of the cholesterol, I use vegetable or canola oil. Naw, there hadn't been lard in this house for years an' years!"


Some cooks continue to prepare biscuits and other items the "old-fashioned way!" While they adhere to traditional baking methods, health concerns have led many to use recipes that include less salt, sugar, and saturated fat. Even those who do not count calories rely on modern conveniences and generally do not produce their own milk, butter, or animal fat.


"I'm thirty-four years old. I have only made one homemade cake."