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Changing Times: Stories and Images of the West Georgia Piedmont

Drawing on our on-going oral history project in Carroll County, the Center is developing a book for both popular and academic audiences that will explore the changes occurring in the Georgia piedmont over the twentieth century. In 1900, cotton farms and cotton mills defined this region; by 2000, cotton had long since disappeared, surviving textile mills were closing or facing uncertain futures, and the region has been pulled into the orbit of metropolitan Atlanta. The landscape has changed dramatically.photo

This book, based on our exhibit "Changing Times", will integrate oral history accounts and historical and contemporary photographs to explore the tremendous changes that the Georgia piedmont has experienced. The book is organized around four key themes: (1) The World of Cotton; (2) Changes and Challenges: Depression and War; (3) Decline and Affluence: the Post-World War II Years: and (4) The Piedmont Today.

For more information on the book project, or to share stories or photographs, please contact Dr. Ann McCleary , project director by phone at 678-839-6141 or at the address below.