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Why Choose UWG?

Why should you start your student affairs career at the University of West Georgia?

UWG is a comprehensive institution with a diverse student body, which will expose you to the full spectrum of student affairs functions. We are fully committed to your professional success. The Department of Clinical & Professional Studies has an excellent reputation for preparing well-qualified professional counselors; while this program will not prepare you to be a counselor, it will provide you with strong counseling skills as an important complement to student affairs knowledge and administrative skills. Courses will be taught by both full-time faculty and full-time professionals. The excellent relationship between the departmental faculty and the Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management means that you will be encouraged to connect your academic experience with your assistantship and practicum experiences, so that you will complete the program ready to succeed in your first full-time professional job. This is an exciting time to be at UWG – we are a growing institution, with many visible signs of progress and new opportunities for students.

The University

Approximately 12,000 students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees enroll at UWG each year. Students enjoy a complete college life experience on the Carrollton campus, including residence hall living, intercollegiate athletic competitions, and opportunities to get involved in more than 150 student organizations. UWG is located approximately an hour from downtown Atlanta.