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Program Mission

Vision Statement:

To prepare and develop the next generation of student affairs professionals.

Mission Statement:

The University of West Georgia College Student Affairs program will prepare graduate students for careers serving students in higher education by providing opportunities to:

Graduates will demonstrate:

  1. An understanding of the historical, philosophical, ethical, cultural, and research foundations of higher education that informs student affairs practice;
  2. The ability to apply ethical principles to practice; 
  3. An understanding of, and respect for, human diversity and the special needs of minority students;
  4. The ability to apply basic counseling skills and appropriate development theory to understand, support, and advocate for student learning and development;
  5. Knowledge of the impact of student characteristics and collegiate environment on student learning and learning opportunities;
  6. Knowledge and skills required to design and evaluate effective educational interventions for individuals and groups;
  7. The ability apply leadership, organizational, and management practices that assist institutions in accomplishing their mission; and
  8. The ability to identify and apply assessment, evaluation, and research skills in an ethical and legal manner.