Student Organization Registration

There are numerous benefits to registering your organization. Some of the benefits of being a Registered Student Organization are the ability to: 

  • reserve the use of University facilities
  • sponsor or present a public performance on University property when a University facility has been properly reserved and University regulations and administrative rules are followed
  • raise funds or make other permissible solicitations on University property in accordance with University regulations and administrative rules
  • post signs and distribute literature in accordance with University regulations
  • use campus mail services

To become a Registered Student Organization at UWG, you need:

  • a local mailing address
  • an organization email address (can be the president's email)
  • a University advisor (must be full-time, paid monthly, faculty or professional staff)
  • a constitution (organization governing document)
  • at least 5 members
  • a list of all members

Once you have everything you need, the organization's president must:

  1. Fill out the organization registration form on OrgSync.
  2. Attend either Lead Day (August 20, 2014) or a Student Organization President's Meeting with OrgSync Training. Email Laura Keath at to schedule a President's Meeting**

*Organizations will register through OrgSync, an online community, for the 2014-2015 academic year. 

**If the President is unable to attend, the Vice President may attend on his/her behalf. If neither are able to attend, please contact Laura Keath at

Additionally, all Student Organization officers and members are expected to be familiar with all the information found in the Registered Student Organization Handbook.

Student Organizations will not be completely registered until all of the above requirements are met. Organizations will receive notification upon completion of the registration process. 

Student Organizations can register at any time during the year and should contact the CSI office for information about upcoming President's meetings. Organizations must re-register with the Center for Student Involvement each year in the fall semester.

Please contact Laura Keath in the Center for Student Involvement with any questions.