Kappa Delta

photoFounded: October 23,1897 - Longwood College
Chartered at University of West Georgia: April 3, 1971 
Flower: White Rose
Symbol: Bear
Colors: Olive Green and Pearl White
Nickname: KD
National Philanthropy: Children's Hospital, Richmond, Virginia
National Headquarters Homepage 

Kappa Delta Sorority contains unique but united young women. You will find a variety of personalities when you look at these women. Some may be into sports while others will find different organizations on campus to be involved in.

Currently Kappa Delta Sorority have members in many different organizations along with being involved in the sorority. For example, we have sisters in Student Government, Student Activities Council, Student League, Honor Society, and academic fraternities. We also have sisters involved in sports and sport related organizations. For instance, we have sisters in Bravettes, cheerleading, on the tennis team, and cross country team. Kappa Delta fully participates in the Homecoming activities held each year. We participate in the float contest, banner contest, and the Homecoming competition.

Kappa Delta's national philanthropies are the National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse, the Kappa Delta Fund for Children in Need, the Children's Hospital in Richmond, Virginia, and the Orthopedic Awards. Kappa Delta's local philanthropies are Girl Scouts of the USA and the Child Advocacy Center.

Throughout all of Kappa Delta's endeavors, both locally and nationally, these sisters always strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest.