Pi Kappa Alpha

photoFounded: March 1, 1868 - University of Virginia
Chartered at University of West Georgia: April 29, 1972
Colors: Garnet and Old Gold
Flower: Lily of the Valley
Nickname: Pike
National Philanthropy: Big Brothers of America
National Headquarters Homepage

On March 1, 1868, the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity was founded at the University of Virginia on the principal of excellence. Since its beginning, over 200,000 men at nearly 250 colleges and universities have made the decision to join Pi Kappa Alpha, one of North America’s largest and most prominent fraternities. Throughout the years we have continued to adhere to the philosophy of striving to enhance the social, academic and personal development of college men.

The Eta Sigma Chapter was originally founded at the University of West Georgia on April 29, 1972 and for nearly 40 years it has been an exceptional and prestigious part of the West Georgia community. At UWG, Pi Kappa Alpha has been appositive influence on nearly a thousand young college men. It has augmented their college years by giving them opportunities and learning experiences that are not available through the classroom. Pi Kappa Alpha is based on the Four Cornerstones of being a Scholar, Leader, Athlete and Gentleman; and as a result, its members achieve success in the classroom, on campus, on the athletic field and in the world beyond college.

Simply put, Pikes are men of integrity. Not only do Pikes have a high level of self respect, but we also hold the same level of respect for the men and women around us. These attributes are fostered in every individual who joins Pi Kappa Alpha. Through sponsoring and participating in various social and charitable programs, Pikes remain diligently aware of the need for ethics and values in today’s society.

Your college career will pass by at an amazing pace. During this time it is essential that you sample all that your academic institution has to offer. As a member of Pi Kappa Alpha, you are not only guaranteed such an opportunity, you realize it. Joining a college fraternity is a decision of a lifetime, one that you may soon make. We encourage each of you to come meet our members and learn about the different aspects of our fraternity – the people, the parties, the participation, the pride of being a Pike.