Chi Phi

photoFounded: December 24, 1824 - Princeton University
Chartered at University of West Georgia: May 19, 1973
Colors: Scarlet and Blue
Flower: None
Nickname: Chi Phi
National Philanthropy: Muscular Dystrophy Association 
National Headquarters Homepage

Congratulations high school graduates and transfer students on your decision to attend the University of West Georgia. Entering college is one of the most important steps you will ever take. We are certain that your years at the University of West Georgia will be filled with new friendships and many memories. Opportunities and decisions await you, and there are undoubtedly many questions on your mind.

One question we at Chi Phi can help you answer is whether or not to join a fraternity. With chapters spread throughout America and alumni scattered all over the world, Chi Phi is bound together by the cherished memories of chapter friendships and the high ideals on which the fraternity is founded. Many fraternities will tell you how great your years in college will be with them, Chi Phi will show you how great the rest of your life will be. Chi Phi represents the loyalty and dedications of a lifetime.

photoWe, the brothers of the Chi Phi Fraternity, are very proud of the programs we offer our members, including: band parties, sorority socials, study halls, intramural sports and, above all, strong friendships. In addition to academics, there is much more to be learned in college. Personal growth and development are also essential, but often overlooked in the daily classroom routine. This is where the fraternity life can be important to you. We add the personal touch - a group of friends learning, growing, and sharing together.

We are proud of our campus accomplishments. We are also proud of our house and our brotherhood. Our great fraternity has lasted longer than any other National Fraternity in history. We have done this by selecting great individuals to carry the name, Chi Phi. Every man who wears a Chi Phi brother's badge possess the three traits on which Chi Phi was built: Truth, Honesty, and Personal Purity. We look forward to seeing you during Recruitment.