Social Aspect

It is easy to become lost in the crowd on a university campus. The Greek community offers a network through which you can meet many new people. Because fraternities and sororities have members with a wide variety of background, interest, and goals, it is an ideal place to develop friendships with those whose interest may complement your own.

In addition to the social activities organized by each chapter, there are joint functions and system wide events. The academic year is full of opportunities for diverse social functions from athletic events to chapter social activities. Chapters also participate in multi-chapter exchanges, formal dances, and a variety of other outings. These events offer you the opportunity to meet new friends, as well as develop social skills, poise, and confidence.

College is a time for social interaction as well as academics. At UWG, there is always something fun happening within the Greek community. Social and recreational activities give you the opportunity to meet a variety of people and to strengthen the bonds of friendship and sisterhood/brotherhood at the same time. Fraternity and sorority functions, date parties and formal dances are samples of these activities. Participation in traditional events such as Homecoming, Greek Week, philanthropic events and intramurals, demonstrates Greek unity and the spirit which makes Greek life at UWG so rewarding.

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