Membership Requirements

As you probably expected, becoming a member of a Greek Organization involves a financial commitment. The chapters work hard the make the cost of joining a fraternity or sorority affordable. Cost alone should not be a determining factor for choosing membership in fraternity or sorority. Feel free to ask questions during recruitment regarding your financial obligation to the chapter. This is public information. The following information provided is an estimated cost of a fraternity or sorority. Please note that it varies from organization to organization.

 Interfraternity Council Financial Information
(Per Semester)




Pledge Fee/New Member Fee  $230  $150  $175
Monthly Dues  $420  $175  $300
Miscellaneous, (Insurance, National Dues, etc.)  $210  $175  $130

National Pan-Hellenic Council Financial Information  

Membership fees vary depending on the organization, and there will not be one set fee for every organization. Generally, fees include national and local dues, a history book, and a membership pin. Fees can change based on the classification of the student.

Panhellenic Council Financial Information

(Per Semester)

New Member Total

(first semester of membership) 

Active per Month

(after initiated)

Active Dues Total 

Per Semester

 High School GPA

(minimum needed to join) 

College GPA

(minimum needed to join) 

Alpha Gamma Delta






Alpha Xi Delta






Chi Omega






Delta Delta Delta






Delta Zeta  





Kappa Delta 






Phi Mu 






Sigma Kappa 






*Amounts are based on 9 months


In order to participate in Recruitment, or Intake, a first-time university student must have a 2.0 UWG adjusted GPA from high school, and West Georgia (or transfer) students must have a 2.0 University GPA based on a minimum of 12 hours of non-developmental University work. However, both the Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils suggest that a student have a minimum of 2.20 GPA because some fraternities and sororities cannot extend bids to students who have below a 2.20 UWG adjusted GPA.  Each chapter has their own guidelines however, and some have requirements as high as a 2.7 GPA. The average GPA required by NPHC chapters is a 2.5; however, some also require a higher GPA. No one placed in Learning Support Classes is eligible to pledge until they successfully complete all Learning Support Classes and earn a 2.00 based on 12 hours or more in non-learning support classes. A student must maintain full-time student status (minimum of 12 credit hours, 9 for summer) during his/her new member period. 

The Center for Student Involvement administers these policies. If you have questions about them or would like to receive a copy of the complete policy governing Greek Organizations, contact the Center for Student Involvement in the Campus Center.