About SAC



The Student Activities Council is a student organization whose purpose is to provide co-curricular activities for the West Georgia community. Our mission is to provide a number of diverse cultural, recreational, social, educational, and entertainment programs, and is implemented through seven program committees. These committees are: Public Relations, University Traditions, Live Music, Diversity, Comedy, Special Events, Sports and Entertainment, and Issues and Ideas. The President and the Vice President of Recruitment and Administrative Affairs create the "Executive Board."

Together, the Directors and their committee members are responsible for planning and producing a variety of events. SAC is funded by the students of West Georgia through a portion of their activities fee that is allocated to us.

If you have any questions or comments regarding SAC, e-mail us at uwgsac@westga.edu

. We are always looking for new faces and ideas. Interest forms are available at the Center for Student Involvement, Room 123 of the Campus Center, and the SAC Office, Room 319 of the Campus Center. For more information, feel free to contact CSI at (678) 839-6526 or the SAC office at (678) 839-6531.