Leadership To Go

Leadership To Go is a leadership development program designed for UWG student leaders. These workshops are designed to fit in with and complement the busy schedule and lifestyle of the UWG leader. Programs will be no longer than thirty minutes, giving you valuable yet concise information which leaders can use immediately. Resources will be ready-to-go and easy-to-use. Topics encompass the wide range of skills and information needed to be a successful leader.

A Leadership Track is a certain grouping of workshops and activities that provide leadership development in a specific area. After the completion of a Leadership Track, participants receive a certificate and are recognized at the Student Achievement Awards program held each Spring. We currently offer 5 Leadership Tracks. Unless otherwise specified, tracks and workshops are repeated in the Fall and the Spring:

New Student Leadership Track - designed as an introduction to leadership and UWG

Personal Leadership Track - designed to help participants understand themselves and their own leadership style

Organizational Leadership Track - designed to help participants understand how to lead a group.

Greek Leadership Track - designed for members of social Greek organizations and to help participants understand how to be a leader in a social Greek organization.

Advanced Leadership Track (offered in Spring semester) - focuses on various theories of leadership. Completion of the Personal and Organizational or Greek Leadership Tracks is a prerequisite for starting Advanced

Click on a Track above to see the requirements for completion and the full workshop schedule. Questions about Leadership To Go?  Email Laura Petrus at lkeath@westga.edu with additional questions or to find out how to bring a leadership workshop to your organization's meeting or retreat.