Stay West Weekend Grant Program

Stay West Weekend Grant Application Process:

Registered student organization can apply for grants to sponsor programs on weekends throughout the semester! A committee composed of current students, graduate students, and professional staff will review all proposals and about which events to fund. A strict timeline is used to complete the application and event planning process.

Click here to apply for Spring 2016 Stay West Weekend Grants

Printed applications are available outside of the CSI Office in the Campus Center, Room 123

Selection Criteria:

The event should appeal to a broad range of students, OR the event should be paired with another event, so that the two events together appeal to a broad range of students.

The application should have a detailed budget, communication/marketing plan, and an assessment plan.

The budget for the event should not exceed $4,000.

The application should demonstrate how, as a result of participation in the event, students will begin to achieve one or more of the following goals: 

  • Have fun
  • Help describe UWG as a great school
  • Create a sense of belonging and connection
  • Help students feel like UWG is their home
  • Cultivate a sense of pride in the university
  • Gain knowledge and skills that will help them be effective citizens after graduation
  • Develop friendships
  • Create lifelong memories