From the President's Desk

Greetings UWG students,  

I am Dana Jones, UWG’s SGA (Student Government Association/student body) President for the 2013-2014 academic school year. As the official voice and representation of the student body here at UWG I want establish a strong relationship between the student body and all student organizations on campus. In doing so, I open our weekly SGA meetings to each of you. At the meetings you will be able to voice any concerns you have on campus and you will get a first-hand look at what is going on around campus and what SGA is implementing for the betterment of the student body. Being the primary student organization on campus it is vital that we represent you all to the best of our abilities to serve you during your academic career at UWG. Below is the Fall 2013 SGA Weekly schedule and I hope you all find time to attend a meeting. If you are not able to attend any of our meetings but you want to relay a message about any new programs, events, classes, and more please do not hesitate to contact me. If you are interested in joining SGA please visit the SGA office in the Campus Center #320. Thank you in advance and welcome back to school!


Spring 2014 SGA Schedule

January 9 - CC 108.3 - 3:30PM

January 16 - CC 303 - 3:30PM

January 23 - CC 108.3 - 3:30PM

January 30 - CC 108.3 - 3:30PM

February 6 - CC 108.3 - 3:30PM

February 13 - CC 108.3 - 3:30PM

February 20 - CC 108.3 - 3:30PM

February 27 - CC 108.3 - 3:30PM

March 6 - CC 303 - 3:30PM

March 13 - CC 303 - 3:30PM


March 27 - CC 303 - 3:30PM

April 3 - CC 108.4 - 3:30PM

April 10 - CC 108.4 - 3:30PM

April 17 - CC 303 - 3:30PM