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The Center for the Study of Social Dynamics

The Center for the Study of Social Dynamics (CSSD) is located in the Department of Sociology at the University of West Georgia. CSSD's mission is to promote research enhancing the professional development of faculty and students in the social sciences. The center facilitates the development of proposals for external funding and strengthens the reputation of the College of Social Sciences as an innovative place for theory based, scientific research. CSSD allows students in both undergraduate and graduate programs to conduct extensive research projects that include testing instruments for data collection and conducting both qualitative-based and experimental research. The lab also provides a space for teaching and learning qualitative and experimental social science research methods.

In service to our mission, the Center seeks to:

• Maintain a laboratory with sufficient equipment and space to meet the needs of faculty and students engaged in social science research at our university
• Stimulate cross disciplinary intellectual exchanges among scholars in the social sciences
• Facilitate the development of stronger interdisciplinary components in the graduate curricula of diverse departments
• Facilitate teaching qualitative and experimental research methods
• Provide students with the ability to learn technological skills to employ in the workforce
• Allow students to connect in service learning activities to organizations within Carroll County
• Allow students to further connect with the greater university and local communities by providing program evaluations and other resources needed