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Faculty and students affiliated with the CSSD are currently conducting social science research on topics like the following:

Publications & Presentations | Dissertations & Theses Completed:

Berry, Alana. 2012. "The Least of these Brothers and Sisters of Mine: Poverty, Inequality and the Megachurch Phenomenon in the State of Georgia."

Brandt, Jonathan. 2013. 

Laplante, Justin. 2012. "Narrating Spiritual Development: Emerging Adult's Stories of Spiritual and Religious Identity."

Moon, Cambria. 2012. 

Reitz, Joshua. 2012. 

Publications & Presentations | Dissertations & Theses

Madruga, Jessica. "Police Perception of Officer-Involved Intimate Partner Violence."

Reece, Katie. "Dr. Internet Will See You Now: A Content Analysis of Prescription Drug Information On Line."

Sierra, Susana. "The Effect of the Great Recession on Underground Economy Activity Among College Students."

Stincer, Joseph. "Promoting Critical Consciousness in the Desert: An Evaluation of a Peace Corps Sponsored Program in Morocco.

Publications & Presentations | Books

Hunt, Pamela. 2013. Where the Music Takes You: The Social Psychology of Music Subcultures. San Diego, CA: Cognella Academic Publishing.

Publications & Presentations | Grants
Reece, Katie. 2012. "Defined as a Disability: An Institutional Ethnography of Disability Determination for People with HIV/AIDS."  Disability Determination Process (DDP) Small Grant Program for Graduate-Level Research. Award Amount: $10,000

Publications & Presentations | Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Experiments in Progress

Sierra, Susanna. "Regional Dialect as Status Characteristic."