The Alumni Association has four committees that all in their own capacity serve to support and strengthen the university while continuing to build meaningful connections with alumni and friends of the university.  Click on a committee below to find out more information.

Alumni Engagement

The primary purpose of Alumni Engagement committee is to devise a detailed and measured plan to engage UWG Alumni resulting in greater participation. This includes but is not limited to attendance at UWG events and increased giving rates to the UWG Foundation.

Chair: Denise Scott
Vice Chair: April Welch
Liaison: Cindy Saxon
Mark AuClair
Greg Dyer
Gere Helton
Dusty Hightower
Edna Huey
Bridgette Long
Mike Mason
Chris Rechtoris
Vic Troncalli
Katie Williams


Alumni Events

The primary purpose of the Events Committee is to be the social arm of the Alumni Association. It will organize events will encourage increased Alumni participation and foster a sense of community. The activities can include charitable, volunteer, educational opportunities or cultural exchanges as well. In addition, the committee is charged with leading two events: a signature event to enhance the undergraduate experience and assist with the annual Alumni Association Awards Gala.

Chair: Chad Houck
Vice Chair: Leslie Fagin
Liaison: Nannette Rhodes
Blake Alston
Joy Butler
Carla Duncan
Jim Eason
Lisa Eason
Henry Helton
Eric Hurley
Meggie Miller
Amber Pelot
Patricia Proctor
Barbara Tanner
Sylvia Yaw


Awards and Nominations

The primary purpose of the Awards & Nominations Committee is two-fold: One, to lead the nomination and elections process for the board of directors and executive committee. Two, this committee is tasked with soliciting nominations and selecting the Alumni Association Award Winners each year.

Chair: Debbie Reeves
Vice Chair: Michael Paulk
Liaison: Greg Benda
Ken Cooke
Peter Debick
Nancy Frank
Laura Garland
Warren Jones
Eric McDonald
Artagus Newell
Charles Qualls
Judy Rowell
Peggy Smith
Joy White
Greg Wojcik