Emily Woodcock Jones '11 '12

Emily Woodcock Jones graduated from UWG in 2011 with her Bachelors of Science in Special Education and again in 2012 with her Masters of Education in Special Education.  She lives in Carrollton and serves as the secretary for the Young Alumni Council.

Emily believes that UWG truly prepared her for her career as a Special Educator.  “UWG gave me the confidence I have to teach in the classroom.”  UWG helped Emily become specific in research and practice in the Special Education field and has found true applications for what she learned at UWG to her workplace environment.  One professor who Emily says inspired her most was Dr. Jessica Bucholz, Associate Professor of Special Education.  “She has been a vital resource not only to my education but also my career.”

Emily was very involved as a student at UWG and feels she gained leadership skills, resources, and life-long friends from the experience.  She was involved in the Emerging Leaders UWG 1101 class as well as the Student Activities Council where she served as the Comedy Chair and Vice President.  After graduating, Emily wanted to stay actively connected to the university that gave her so much. “Volunteering for the university doesn’t only mean I give back my time.  It means that I give back to the university what it taught me; to be kind, open-hearted, and willing to try something new.” 

Overall, Emily says that her time at UWG provided her with some of the best memories of her life. “One spring it began to snow.  My friends in Bowdon Hall decided to take whatever we could and make a slide to go down Love Valley.  Little did we know, Love Valley used to be a lake.  We ended up covered in mud and snow and almost weren’t allowed back in the dorm.”

Emily wants to encourage current students to not let the opportunities UWG provides pass by.  “Do not quit.  It may seem extremely hard at times, but it is worth it in the end.  If you feel like quitting find help and you will persevere.  You have to survive the battle to win the war.”