I Give To UWG Because...

Donors choose to give to UWG for a host of different reasons and recipients are affected in just as many different ways.

Why do you give? Or how did the gifts of others help you during your UWG career? We want to know. Email us at  fpritche@westga.edu.

Giving Creates Opportunities

I give to UWG so that a student can have the gift of education. That gift was given to me and I want to pay it forward in hopes that it will have a chain reaction for generations to come. - Mary Martin, '04 Psychology 

Opportunities Change Lives

I give because I have received so much. I am a three-time graduate of UWG and it has changed my life positvely. - Pamela Jane Horvath, '96, '98, '07 Nursing

Scholarships Inspire Success

The pursuit of personal dreams and aspirations is a quest that is held dear in almost every culture around the world. When we help each other succeed, we make a greater contribution to that larger community in which we live and work. - Luis Planas, '72 Business Administration, Marketing and Finance 

Benefitting UWG Benefits Georgia

I give to UWG because I want to make a difference in the lives of young people and help provide them the means to enjoy the same benefits I enjoyed as a student at UWG. - Cindy Saxon, '92, '91, '94 Early Childhood Education  

UWG Promotes Lifelong Learning

I give to UWG because it is an investment not only in our heritage, but, more importantly, in our future. It is an investment in who we are and who we aspire to be.
- W.H. Smith, '63 English

A UWG Education is a Quality Education

I give to UWG because the quality education I gained at UWG gave me the skills needed in the work endeavors I have pursued. I know I was fortunate to get a college education. My father pushed the idea, and he was right. Financially, it was very tough for me to get through college . . . I know there are students today who also struggle.
- Vic Garrison '73, Mathematics