Annual Fund

Possibility Becomes Reality When You Support West

Opportunities Abound at UWG. We are inspiring the best and the brightest to discover unlimited potential and explore new possibilities.

Focusing on quality education, creative expression and service to humanity, UWG creates a land of opportunity where future-oriented, forward-looking students are set apart from the crowd.

This vision is made possible by donations to the Annual Fund – the same fund that has provided past generations with the freedom to succeed. Now it’s your turn to help make history.

Every Gift Counts. The UWG community is comprised of a variety of individuals. No two people are alike, each is different in a unique way, but all count equally in making UWG great.

In the same way, the Annual Fund is made of a variety of contributions. The gifts are not identical, but all of the donations count toward achieving the same goal – a bright future.

Not only does each donation ensure a bright future for students, but it also increases our alumni give rate, which many foundations and corporations use to determine whether an institution is a good investment. The higher the give rate, the more possibility UWG has of receiving grants on the local, state and national level.

Each contribution made to the Annual Fund has the power to affect any number of lives. Deciding to donate is huge, regardless of the size of the gift.