Latino Cultural Society

"A place to find a friendly face and a little Latino comfort"

Club Meetings: We have a Club meeting every Tuesday evening at 7 pm in the Campus Center. For details on location and time, please speak with an officer (listed below).

Activities include: Dancing Lessons (Salsa, Merengue, Bachata), Intercultural Relationships, Soccer and other sports, Community Service, Cultural Awareness, Dancing Contests, Fundraisers, Movie Nights, and many more.

Get involved with one or more of our committees! For further details, speak with an officer (listed below):

  • Community Service Committee
  • Activities Committee
  • Communications Committee

The Latino Cultural Society, an official student organization of the University of West Georgia, embraces the diversity of the Latin American culture including the people, music, dances, and places. Our mission is to share the Latin culture and to promote awareness at the University of West Georgia, as well as the Carrollton community, about the diverse Latino Culture, and we need your help!

Our organization plans many social events. These events range from Latin dance parties, where we give free dance lessons and share our diverse Latin cuisine, to fun days, where we get together to enjoy an exciting afternoon of sports and games. We plan all of our social events with one goal in mind: to help the students and community learn more about the diversity of the Latino Culture, as well as its customs.

Aside from planning fun activities with games and dances, we also enjoy giving back to the community. We work together to organize fun and exciting social events, but most importantly, educational events.


Cristina Graciano, President

Lucero Degaldo, Vice President

 Theresa Fuller, Secretary

Diego Romero, Treasurer

 Dora Arreguin, Fundraising Community Chair

 Pedro Rodriquez,  Public Relations Committee Chair

Leslie Pinon, Community Service Committee Chair

For more information, e-mail:

Find us on Facebook: Latino Cultural Society