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Calendar of Events

Jun 3-Jun 22 Project Grad: Atlanta Public Schools
Aug 3 12:00 PM Youth Summit
Aug 20-Aug 21 9:00 AM MAP/AAMI Mentor Training
Aug 23 Lead Day (MAP & AAMI)
Aug 25 12:30 PM Latino Freshman Orientation (Check transition orientation schedule): Row Hall East 210
Aug 26 7:00 PM MAP Mentoring Kick Off Party - Campus Center Ballroom
Sep 4 4:00 PM MAP Faculty, Staff and Student Meet & Greet: 4:00 p.m. Campus Center Ball Room
Sep 4-Sep 5 11:00 AM Student Organization Fair Participant: UWG Grassy Triangle
Sep 5 6:00 PM African American Male Initiative Meet & Greet
Sep 5 10:00 AM Center for Diversity & Inclusion Open House
Sep 11 11:30 AM Multicultural Conversations Series: Z-6: President Dining Room: Dr. Helen Steele: From Oreos to Cheerios...
Sep 12 7:00 PM Controversies of Culture: Dr. Rosalind Choi : CC Ballroom 108.3-4: Co-Sponsor: UWG Women Studies
Sep 15-Oct 15 8:30 AM Hispanic American Month Observance: Row Hall: M-F: 8:30 am-5:00 pm
Sep 18 7:00 PM MAP Event:TBA
Oct 2 6:00 PM UWG African American Alumnae Panel Discussion: CC Ballroom 108.4 : Co-sponsor: Black Student Alliance
Oct 7-Oct 11 12:00 AM Black Men Encouraging Success Today (BEST) Week
Oct 9 7:00 PM Hispanic Month Celebration Program: Roberto Gomez: Campus Center Ballroom 108.2:FREE EVENT:Foreingn Languages & Latino Cultural Society (LCS)-Co Sponsor
Oct 9 11:30 AM Multicultural Conversations Series: Z-6: President. Dining Room:Dr. Jill Drake: STEM
Oct 10 7:00 PM Controversies of Culture Series: Affordable Care Act :How does this affect you?: Attorney Amanda Ptashkin: Health Future GA: TLC 1303
Oct 15 6:30 PM MAP : Campus Center: 108.2
Oct 17 7:00 PM Atlanta Asian Film Festival: FREE MOVIE: Public Welcome:"Crocodile in the Yangtze": CC 108.1
Oct 22 7:00 PM AAMI Lecture Series: Joseph Barnes: Campus Center Ballroom 1081.1
Oct 26 Make A Difference Day: A Day for Community Service
Oct 29 11:00 AM Mix-it-Up: Z-6, UCC Food Court & the Oaks simultaneously (sponsors:CDI, SGA, MAP & COE Diversity Committee)
Nov 1-Nov 30 8:00 AM Native American Heritage Month Celebration:ROW HALL 2nd Floor East: 8 am -5 pm (M-F)
Nov 4-Nov 8 Black Men With Initiative (BMWI) Week
Nov 5 10:00 AM Native American Celebration: Row Hall 212 East: 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.: Dr. Been Steere & Native American Preservation Assoc.
Nov 8-Nov 8 10:00 AM Fair Trade Coffee Tasting: Faculty & Staff: Roasters LLC Row Hall 212 East: 10:00 am -1:00 pm
Nov 12 MAP Semester Celebration: Campus Center 108.2
Nov 14 7:00 PM OXFAM Hunger Banquet (Collaborative Event): Z-6
Dec 6-Dec 7 12:00 PM Multicultural Book Discussion: Row Hall East 212
Jan 7-Jan 21 8:30 AM Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Display Row Hall East 2nd Floor: 8:30 am-5:00 pm (M-F)
Jan 16 7:00 PM 5th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Program
Jan 28 7:00 PM Controversies of Culture Series::Ingram Library 1st Floor: Ms. Sara Thomas: Human Trafficking-CANCELLED WEATHER
Feb 1-Feb 28 8:30 AM Black History Month Celebration: Row Hall 2nd Floor East: 8:30 am-5:00 pm (M-F)
Feb 8 11:00 AM NAACP Carrol County Black History/M.L. King Parade
Feb 9-Feb 15 7:00 PM Black Men With Initiative (BMWI) Week
Feb 11 7:00 PM Sista Soldiers: Yvette Jackson : Film & Panel Discussion: CC Ballroom 108.2
Feb 12 11:30 AM Multicultural Conversations Series : Presidential Dining Hall-Z-6 Building:Dr Noori & Dr. Peralta: Diversity Panel- CANCELLED
Feb 18 7:00 PM MAP Award - Student Pictures: Campus Center Ballroom
Feb 18 7:00 PM Controversies of Culture: I Went Greek, Would You? Lower Level Z6
Feb 19 7:00 PM Controversies of Culture Series: Human Trafficking: Campus Center Ballroom
Feb 24 7:00 PM AAMI Lecture Series: Mr. Dwayne Crawford: Fulfilling Your Birthright, Promise and Destiny
Feb 27 7:00 PM Living Legacy Series:Honoring Integration Educators of Caroll County: Campus Center Ballroom
Mar 1-Mar 31 8:00 AM Women's History Month Celebration: Row Hall 2nd Floor East: 8:30 am-530 pm (M-F)
Mar 4 7:00 PM What Not to Wear: Co-sponsors: MPSU/ 2nd Year Programs
Mar 4 7:00 PM AAMI: State of the African American Male
Mar 12 11:30 AM Multicultural Conversatons Series:Presidential Dining Hall: Z-6 Building: STEM: Dr. McCandless
Mar 13 12:00 PM 5th Annual Multicultural Festival: Campus Center Ballroom:Co-sponsor: Dept. of Anthropology
Mar 25 7:00 PM 30th Annual MAP Awards:Campus Center Ballroom
Mar 27 7:00 PM Women's History Month Celebration: Campus Center Ballroom 108.2:Dr. Felicia Mabuza-Sutlle
Apr 2 7:00 PM Asian Pacific Heritage Month Program: Ingram Library: Mr. Li Wong: Georgia Asian Times
Apr 2-Apr 28 8:00 AM Older American Month Celebration: Sock Drive : Row Hall 2nd Floor East (8:00am-5:00pm) M-F
Apr 4 12:00 PM Multicultural Book Discussion:Row Hall 212 East
Apr 23 8:30 AM World Book Night: Ingram Library: Co-sponsor: Ingram Library
May 1-May 31 Asian Pacific Heritage Month Celebration: 8:30 am-5:00 pm (M-F)