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What does your Personality indicate about you?
UCC 206, August 29 @ 7:00pm
Come learn how you perceive the world through your personality. By understanding your personality better it can help you make decisions about your future.
What are My Strengths?
UCC 206, September 12 @ 7:00pm
We all have natural talents and strengths. How do your strengths and talents help you select the correct career and major?
Choosing the Right Major for Me Workshop
UCC 206, September 26 @ 7:00pm
Three out of four students who come to college "knowing" their major, change their minds at least once. This workshop is designed to help you find the right major for you.
What Not to Wear Shadowing Fashion Show
UCC 206, October 10 @ 7:00pm
Do you know what to wear to your job shadowing experiences? Test your dress code IQ.
Decision Making: Too Many Options, Not Enough Time
UCC 206, October 24 @ 7:00pm
Are you unsure about your career future decisions? Let us guide you through your decisions.
To Lead or Follow
UCC 206, November 7 @ 7:00pm
This session is designed to help you understand your leadership style and to teach each participant to work with others based on your style.