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MAP Mentoring

The MAP (Multicultural Achievement Program) Mentoring program provides mentors to first year minority students. MAP Mentors serve as big brothers and big sisters to minority freshmen to help them make a successful transition to college life. Primarily, MAP mentors motivate minority freshmen to succeed academically and socially at West Georgia. MAP mentors are trained upper classmen students paired with approximately 5 minority freshmen.

What can a MAP Mentor do for me?

MAP Mentors are exceptional student leaders who have excelled academically. They are also student experts on campus minority and multicultural programming trained to orient new students with such programming. They are aware of student organizations, events, and services with a minority and multicultural student focus. MAP Mentors are also trained to be culturally sensitive to students with different backgrounds.

Mentor certification for CRLA:

Congratulations to the following MAP Mentors for achieving Mentor certification for CRLA:

Past MAP Mentoring Activities:

Fall 2013 Map Mentors