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About the Center for Diversity and Inclusion

A stated value of the University of West Georgia is "to impart broad knowledge and foster critical understanding needed for intellectual growth, personal and social responsibility, cultural and global literacy and lifelong learning." If the human race is to survive and prosper, we must take full advantage of the intellectual capacities, knowledge and gifts of individuals from a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds.

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) is concerned primarily with enhancing the quality of life for ethnic minority students, faculty, and staff at the University of West Georgia, and in doing so, increasing the quality of life for all in the UWG community. In fulfilling its mission, CDI will have collaborative arrangements with other UWG offices and student groups directly concerned with issues related to diversity. Through a variety of programs and initiatives, CDI will work to reinforce and increase the campus' appreciation of, and sensitivity to, the fact that we live in an increasingly diverse society comprised of individuals from many different cultures and backgrounds. Activities include sponsoring workshops in diversity training; working with faculty to help them identify areas in their courses where issues related to global literacy and diversity might be discussed; working with student and faculty groups to reinforce activities already begun in the area of multiculturalism and helping to expand their efforts wherever possible; and working with personnel in campus offices to increase the University’s overall level of service and responsiveness to the constituencies it serves.