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Degree Programs

  Department of Economics:
Degree Programs and Advisement Sheets

The Economics Department offers four degree programs: Economics (BBA), Economics (BS), Economics with Secondary Education Certification (BS), and International Economic Affairs (BA).

Economics Curriculum (BBA) - This degree is designed for students interested in careers in business or government. This degree provides students with strong analytical and communication skills as well as a broad coverage of all aspects of how businesses operate in the American and world economies. This degree program is accredited by AACSB International.

Economics Curriculum (BS) - This degree provides students with the flexibility to build a foundation for further graduate study in business, economics, law, or other professional careers as well as providing a broad liberal arts and economics background for entry level positions in business and government. Students select an additional area of concentration outside the College of Business (such as pre law, communications, computer programming, or education certification) that matches their career interests.

Economics with Secondary Education Certification (BS)- Graduates with this degree will not only have a solid background in economics but will also be prepared to teach economics and other social studies courses at the high school level. With this 4 YEAR curriculum you can earn a Secondary Economics certification. This degree program is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

International Economic Affairs (BA) - This degree offers students a liberal arts education with careful attention to international economics and foreign language skills as well as providing an understanding of international affairs. This degree seeks to prepare students for internationally oriented careers in business, the professions, and public service. In Atlanta and the West Georgia area alone, more than 300 firms are substantially involved in international business.