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Course Syllabi

BUSA-1900 Surfing the Internet for Success
ECON-2100 Economics for Everyone
ECON-2105 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON-2106 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON-3400 Consumer Economics
ECON-3402 Statistics for Business I
ECON-3406 Statistics for Business II
ECON-3410 Macroeconomic Policy
ECON-3411 Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON-3420 Economic History of the United States
ECON-3425 Economic Geography
ECON-3440 History of Economic Thought
ECON-3450 Economics of Sports
ECON-3458 Economic Anthropology
ECON-3460 Forecasting
ECON-3480 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
ECON-3490 Ethical, Moral, and Philosophical Foundations of Capitalism
ECON-4410 Money and Banking
ECON-4420 Labor Economics
ECON-4440 Public Finance
ECON-4450 International Economics
ECON-4470 Comparative Economic Systems
ECON-4475 Introduction to Econometrics and Analytics
ECON-4480 Urban and Regional Economics
ECON-4481 Independent Study in Economics
ECON-4484 Seminar in Economics
ECON-4485 Special Topics in Economics
ECON-4486 Internship in Economics
ECON-5440 Public Finance
ECON-6420 Current Economic Issues
ECON-6430 Business Forecasting
ECON-6450 Managerial Economics
ECON-6461 International Finance
ECON-6481 Independent Study in Economics
ECON-6485 Special Topics in Economics